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October 11, 2010


Tom Kruegl


It's good to hear that you are doing better! Slow and easy wins the race!



welcome back, Buddy! Take your time getting back to full strength!

Attila Soos

I was periodically checking your blog just to finally see the good news. I knew it is going to come, and it did. It makes my day a happier one.

Attila Soos
Los Angeles

Paul Stokes

Sorry to contact you in this way but I could not find your email address.

My name is Paul Stokes, my website is http://ofbonsai.org.

You may or may not have heard of me from the AoB and KoB.

I am looking for writers to submit bonsai articles and galleries to
the site, I really enjoy your blog and would love to publish one (or
more) of yours.

I am also looking for prominent bonsai bloggers to blog about my new site.

Please let me know your thoughts.


Bruce Winter

Damn, that's a lot to go through. Now I'm happy at the good news. There's a lot of folks rooting for you.

Bruce Winter
Volcano, HI

Anibal Poublan

Hi Mr Brent... good news.I hope you get better ... slowly. But you still have time to continue teaching what you learned. Thank you for all...

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