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November 04, 2009


Bob Nottelmann


Good article.

I'm considering the construction of a structure to protect my bonsai from the summer elements: wind and direct sunlight. I'm in the Sacramento Valley where summer highs can reach 110 F and we routinely have two to three weeks of temperatures above 100. Occasional north winds and associated very low relative humidities are also tough on foliage although I am sheltered from direct winds.

I already have quite a bit of area that receives indirect sunlight (northern exposure) so what I'm looking for is a structure that provides very bright but probably filtered light.

My question is; Would you use a light shade cloth, clear plastic or tinted plastic? I'm leaning toward a plastic due to the winter protection advantages.


Bob N. from Chico

Bob Nottelmann


I should clarify a bit. My space is limited so a hoop structure with flexible plastic sheeting is not an option for me. I plan to build the framework with lumber and use corrugated plastic sheeting. My question is color: clear, opaque, or colored. The structure will not be air tight but will have a couple of partially open sides.


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