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October 13, 2009


Vic Neece

Since I'm trying to learn this craft on my own, I find that I read and re-read in an effort to absorb and retain what's being taught. This lesson has, like so many of your posts, really clicked on the light bulb in my head. Thank you (again)! The bulb may be getting crusty with age, but with the right info I really can learn new stuff. Be well.
Vic N.

Julio Vazquez

I have a juniper that i purchased about 2 years ago i have since styled it twice and potted it in a 3 gallon pot to let it grow a bigger trunk. It had a mishap and was blown over by some strong gust and its root mass was considerably reduced. I put it into a small bonsai pot and it seems to be doing fine. I need help with what to do next just let it be?

Nike Shox

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