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September 27, 2009



Brent, you should have been a writer. You have a wonderful way with words, and a wonderful vision in the world of bonsai. Stay strong, and just remember that all of us out there support you and are thankful for what you have done to bring quality bonsai knowledge and materials to the average Joe. Thank you and God bless.

Randy, Red Earth Bonsai Studio

well said, I only have a few hundred going, but ramping up more every year.
the balance between business and art and how we spend our time. Spend is the key.
Our life looked back on is how our time was "spent"
Quality over quantity.
Your trees become proof of spent time, there quality proof of your art.Unknown to us the lives we change as those trees pass out into the world.

max mc donald

your my hero.

Tom Kruegl

I hear you, Brent. I can feel this in my bones as I become more experienced.

Steve Bavis

Brent,your wisdom and ability to put it to words so eloquently is a true inspiration.Thanks for returning all my emails over the years.I have learned alot from you.(bought alot of your trees)...
Keep up the good work.

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