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August 19, 2009



These trees are what I think of when I think of beautiful trees. I love the California Oaks. I get kind of bored with the "official" forms that we see so often in bonsai, and really long to see something that looks like these oaks!

Ben G.

I share your sentiment for oaks Brent. I Live near Portland, OR and the Oregon white oak develops similarly. There is a grove near a developed area off I-205 that I am captivated by still even though I drive by it multiple times a week. The thought of replicating this scene or even one tree in a pot excites me. I just learned recently that the reason oaks form such a craggy, ramified structure is because the leaves do no tolerate shade so they all grow at the tips of the tree, usually to form this dome shape. For now I will simply enjoy the Kingsville boxwood as my dwarf oak substitute.


I am still stunned by those beautiful oaks in your part of the world Brent. We have a ton of oaks here in Florida but none seem to have the qualities of the ones like in your photos. I am currently trying to keep a cork oak alive and have now started looking at more local oaks as sources of stock.


Oaks of this form are quite common in Texas, especially in the Eastern part of the state-The Texas species of live oak (quercus Virginiana "fusiformis") is an extremely hardy variant of the primary Southern Live oak (quercus Virginiana) and is very adaptable to bonsai culture.

I have had a pretty well developed, 150 year old collected live oak (fusiformis) in a pot for a dozen years now. It is just beginning to shine as bonsai.


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