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July 28, 2009



Great to have you back even if it is sort of. I was starting to be a little concerned after not hearing from you on your blog for a number of weeks. Sounds like you are on the road to recovery even though it might be a slow one. One day at a time. I was not aware that the temps in your local reached the 100s. It doesn't sound like your summers are much different than they are here in Kansas although we have to deal with the high humidity also which can make the summers unbearable for mankind and plants as well.
I am looking forward to ordering more of your incredible trees once cooler weather arrives.
My prayers continue for your complete recovery. Welcome home.


Tom Kruegl

Dear Brent,

I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better. Don't over do it. Healing takes time. It's good to know that you are ok. I was getting worried. We can't afford to lose you!

Your friend,

Bob Nottelmann


Great to see that you are back. I've learned a lot this season through trial and error, observation and reading & re-reading selected articles of yours.

I look forward to my fall order.

My best,



hi brent,

a link from a bonsaisite forum post brought me to your blog (which i had been aware of, but never really checked out). i can say, though, that i am familiar with your Evergreen Gardenworks website, and i enjoy re-visiting that site often for your articles.

well, i must say that page after page of your blog intrigued me just like a good book or like letters from a dear friend (i just *had* to start from the oldest archive post and work my way up in one sitting, lol). it's now almost three in the morning, but the time was very well spent & thoroughly enjoyed. i look forward to re-reading your blog. :)

i was unaware of your treatments, and i wish you the very best of health and a speedy recovery.

very respectfully & with kind regards,
rick/los angeles
("kite-eating bonsai tree")

Daniel Dolan


Whenever I am researching some point of Bonsai Culture on the Web it doesn't take but a few clicks before the thread leads to one of your articles....and ultimately to your Blog. Great news about post operative condition. Take care and speedy recovery.....I need more Fagus crenata!

Dan Dolan


Atta boy Brent - I'm so glad your progress is humming along. You guys eat well out there and I hope by now your appetite is back to normal.

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