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March 27, 2009


Andrew Kasper

Hang in there Brent, were all behind you. Andrew

Scott Straley

Good to hear you have help from Bob, Mary, and others. That's one heck of a machine-my brother is an Oncology Nurse Practitioner, I wonder if he has one of those where he works? Glad to hear you've had no side effects other than fatigue, hang in there, halfway done!



Brent, I have to apologize I have not been to the blog in a while and just today see the news about your health.

You sound like you have just the right mindset to beat it. Please do keep us updated.

You are an amazing man my friend and I appreciate all you do.

Ben Griswold

Brent, I love the black socks. It seems every friend I have from California wears black socks? I'm a white sock guy, maybe that's just an Oregonian thing. Glad to hear people are helping you with Grunt work, Let me know if You want some speaker cds if you run out, I listen to those on my long drives a lot and could send some to you.

It sucks that people have to get sick for us to tell them that we appreciate them. Thanks for all your help answering questions and your articles, which saved me so much misery. (once I started to read them) You are a pioneer in this art, plus I just like your style, black socks and all.


Brent just checking in to tell you that I have been thinking about you today and hoping all is well.

Chris Johnston

I was just clicking on my bookmark to recommend your blog to someone and saw your recent posts.

Hang in there. We are all hoping for a speedy and easy recovery for you.



Back in the dark ages, when I was in college, I started off in the engineering school. I didn't quite fit in. Everywhere around me were guys in white starched shirts with pocket protectors, slide rules hanging from the belt, black trousers with skinny legs, black loafers, and yes, WHITE SOX. I quit engineering the second semester and haven't worn white sox since.


Scott Straley

Hiya Brent,
Just wanted to chime in and say keep up the battle. I'm sure you're plenty busy with this nice long spring we're having, these nighttime temps are kinda crazy, huh? Hope Susie and the dog are all well also, take care.


Dave Glazewski

I'm so happy that the prognosis looks good for you kicking this things butt. This past year, my younger brother had surgery for lung cancer and he's doing great and so far cancer free. It's amazing what they are doing these days.
I'm glad to see you are able to keep busy working and also keep everyone updated on your progress.
I have to smile that it seems you are well own your way to figuring out this whole process, but then again I wouldn't expect anything less.
You and Susie will both be in my thoughts and prayers


Well son-of-a-bitch Brent. I had no idea that you were going thru all of this. I feel isolated down here in Florida and don't seem to spend my free time checking good places like your blog. It sounds like you have a grasp on the treatment like you have a grasp on everything else in your life, and that's a good thing. To quote a cheesy 80's rock song "hold on loosely, but don't let go"...

I really hope you do get some time to do things that you deem necessary at the nursery. I remember how much you had gotten done but how much farther you needed to go - and that trying to reach the plateau of completed things was important. I was glad to be there when you realized a partial goal of cleaning out some good trees from the jungle and getting them planted. There was a twinkle in your eyes and a great spring in your step. There will be more of those for sure.

I have no idea what this year holds for me. Entertainment has been topsy turvy so far. Two major returning projects went limp and now I wait for the fall TV pilots to be green or red lighted to see if I have work or not. If things free up and I have spare time I would love to head your way and do what I can. I miss the west coast and need to get some dirt under my nails again.

Please give Susie my best, I am sure she has been a trouper throughout this ordeal. I will make sure George and Christy know about your ordeal.

Please take care - Graydon


Brent, I just saw this after being away for months. I wish you the best and keep fighting...

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