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March 16, 2009


Graham Hues

Hi Brent, My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep up the positive attitude and you'll be fine.
Cheers Graham

Scott Straley

Hang in there, and just do your best. And yes, I vote for periodic updates on the blog when you feel up to it.
Have a good spring!


Tim Delaney

You kick this thing Brent. I'll be thinking good thoughts for ya.

Irene Britton

My Prayers are for you as well and I will add your name to the prayer group.
Updates are fine but don't dwell on any of the negative...Stay Positive in thoughts as well.

Chris Johnston

I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. Hang in there.


Jason Gross

I wish you the best Brent. Keep your head up and send us updates.


Hey Brent,

I'm glad to hear that you're not letting this get you down.

Last year, a little after my 28'th birthday I was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer with metastasis into my brain and lung. It triggered a stroke which caused me to lose half my vision temporarily.

The Chemo was devastating and the long hospital stays were horrific. Even though people were constantly checking in on me, I still felt crushing isolation and an extreme sense of restlessness even though I could barley move. I dropped to 98 pounds and had a reaction to a drug called Bleomycin which caused my skin to distend and fall off. I had the look of death in my face and I was preparing to bid my family farewell. All I could think about was when. When will death be my lone beholder instead of all the loud machines and painful drugs.

About a month into treatment, my mother bought me a Bonsai Book and instantly realized that this was what I needed to give me peace of mind.

I stumbled across your nursery website on the hospitals internet and spent the days reading your articles and lurking on bonsai talk.

I felt inspired most importantly, I had something to look froward too. When the needles went in, or the vomiting began, I'd just imagine what it would be like to start working on a tree and how rewarding the "finished" project would be.

Those thoughts filled the dizzying blackness and despair with the kind of happiness a child has before going to the toy store.

And I attribute that to your work on the net. You're writings have really helped me get thought the long and painful hospital stays and I can't thank you enough.I really hope you get through this with ease and keep doing what you love because it is a blessing for everyone involved in bonsai.

I'm now in full remission and have received my first order from you not too long ago. The olives took well to my greenhouse and the crabs are starting to leaf. When I saw that snowdrift with a 1 and a half inch diameter trunk which I bought for dirt cheap I knew I'd be ordering again soon.

Bob Pontis

Evan, the story of your journey to the edge and back serves as a reminder to find joy in everyday life. Here's wishing you many more days of everyday life!

Brent, best of luck with your treatment. You'll make it through this with flying colors! Remember, take care of you first, everything else is secondary!

Bob Pontis

Vic Neece

Brent, I think your positive attitude that this disease is just a bump in the road of life is key to you being cancer free soon. Please keep me informed. Vic N

Dan Dolan


How am I supposed to take care of all these bonsai trees if I don't have your brilliant articles, your insightful REBS style critiques and your thoughtful email advice which you have so generously provided to a stranger like me....and worse a novice! Please get well soon.
Best regards, Dan Dolan

michael jensen-akula

what a tough guy you are; i am a medical oncologist and i give the chemo part of your treatment; i am also a bonsai wannabe and have purchased a handful of starters from you and marvelled at your excellent ability to teach and analyze with respect to bonsai; any questions at all and i would be glad to help....

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