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February 19, 2009


Hank Mazur

Brent, thanks for the great website.I hope your are getting better. I just found your blog last week and started reading from the beginning. I have found your comments about the trees have been extremely helpful in understanding how to style trees.I have just spent the afternoon at the Chicago Botanical Society Japanese Garden. After reading your blog my eyes were able to clearly see the beauty in a properly cared for tree. From the trunk chops, all the way to the candle pruning( it takes the caretakers 170 hours to candle prune). Please don't stop your shareing through your writings and videos.

Hank Mazur

Brent, re:pot shape and placement on table.A photography trick is to try shooting from a multiple positions. Next time,take one each from high, center,andlow positions.As far as this composition, thinking 'Pen-sai',it reminds me of a tree on a riverbank worn away by fast moving water.If the pot was placed on the right edge, it would be a tree, high on a rocky cliff, above a deep valley. It is "deja vu", because nature has provided me with plenty of examples.All this from a Bonsai newbe (6 months)

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