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February 24, 2009


Randy, Red Earth Bonsai Studio

I started with trees pulled out of the ditches and fence rows and book, books, books,
amazon and half dot com have tons of books under $5..... you get better with practise that means more trees.....you should go to garden centers find the disstressed stuff and buy a few ill or needy ones ....restore there health.....you do this with the basics in plant care.
good dirt. good water...good light.....ok each kind of plant needs different amounts of each....so learn that as you get them.
It may be sad but I can keep most things alive now because I have killed things in the past......cut too much off....transplant shock.....too much sun.....too much shade....too cold...to hot
but now I know !0yrs later.
good luck



You are right of course, but this post is more about what happens after the 'I can keep it alive' phase. How do you progress in artistry? And how do you learn and use horticultural techniques to execute your artistic vision? These are the things that are difficult to impossible to learn without supervision, workshops, and study groups. There is precious little information out there about this aspect of the art, and even when you find it, you can't ask a book questions.


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