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November 16, 2006


Bob Pontis

Great story. Nothing like a good road trip to stir up the juices again.......


that's the way it was, and you wrote it up much better than I ever could. I'll just link here from my blog, if I ever get around to updating it.

Trish says she's glad someone else get's ulcers with Bob's driving.

I wasn't THAT close to the other cars. - bob



The only reason that I wasn't petrified was that I used to drive like that as a teenager, but that was a loooong time ago.



Brent- Wow. What a great article. As I missed most of your visit, I am glad I got to share in the excitement. Thanks for making the trip up, and I look forward to seeing you and Bob again soon. Rich

Darrell Walker

Hi Brent,

Thanks for sharing your trip. Glad you made it to the area, and it was fun to meet you and Bob! Sorry the trip back was more than you were hoping for.



Great Story guys! Brent and Bob, looks like you made a few friends who will be expecting your company a few more times. Guess that means I can look forward to a few more good stories and great pics!

Bill Nelson

Great, great story! The photographs are outstanding and a real help.

Thanks for the effort to get this up for us to read and salivate over.


Jay Gettinger

Brent, thanks for sharing. Bermuda Triangle or not, it sounds like a wonderful time out there on the left coast. Someday I need to visit....I will be re-visiting for the pixs over and over.


Wow. Has got to be one of the best blog entries I have ever read. Almost as if we were there with you, sharing all of the experiences. Thanks for taking the time to put down all of the details of such a great trip.

I really need to make it to the west coast. My fear (for lack of a better term) is that once I make the trip I may never come back home to sunny Florida. Perhaps one day I may have the opportunity to wander among some of these great examples of american trees.

And Brent, don't sell the dogs. Rent them. At least that way you get them back.

Jason Gamby

Hi Brent,

Good writing!!! I enjoyed meeting you and Bob and had a great time. Thanks for coming up and I look forward to future visits. I am sure this blog will be enjoyed by many!!



thanks for sharing Brent! so much alive the naration that i feel i was there with all you! close or not to the cars,it was also very close to great trees and people!
thanks again! criss

Walter Pall


thank you for writing all this. I sure enjoyed the days. Next year we try to get the same at your place.
I look forward to it.


david d

Great article and fantastic pics! Thanks for sharing.



Wow! Sounds like you had a blast. Too see so many gorgeous trees in one place....Unfortunately I can only live through others eyes, lol.

Jerry Emra

I thought the article and pictures were great. I am looking for a place to find some great bonsai trees for training. Can you send me some info for any future work shops? Thank you.


Greeting. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all.
I am from Marino and also now am reading in English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "Evans' music eunice, who left it at her chip rock."

8-) Thanks in advance. Wayne.


Interesting blog you've got here. Thanks for sharing it with us. Bonsai is an art to me and I just love watching them. I don't have a green thumb but I hope to grown my own bonsai too.

Clint Moore

That's some pretty well-maintained bonsai trees on display there, I see. In the past, I always go for arts and designs workshops around Burlington, Ontario just to learn more about it and improve myself, but now, I am into photography. Every time that me and my friends goes for a road trip, I always bring my trusty camera, so whenever I see something interesting while driving my Mitsubishi, I can easily take a snapshot of it.


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