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April 11, 2006


Graydon Swedberg

Thanks for this information. It's interesting to see how you do things. I don't think I could deal with 100 of these let alone 400 like you. Wow - that's a lot of seedlings.

I noticed you stated you graft in October. Everything I have read anywhere suggested grafting JBP in December or when it is the coldest. I did read once that summer is a preferred time in Japan to graft JBP because they shut down in the hottest time of the summer there. I do not know if they were referring to approach grafting or root crown grafts with harvested scion.

If you ever get a moment and would like to share why you graft in October I would appreciate the information. Just curious as the grafting bug has bitten me.



Hi Can you help me? My name is kev, I have a budhist pine tree ,which is suffering from a fungal disease, I have sprayed my tree with fungicide but it does not seem to have any effect, what should I do?

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